Well folks, I am so very excited to announce that my brand new album – Hearts & Heroes – will be released on May 31st.  I am so proud of this record and I just cannot wait to get it out of my hands and into yours. I recruited my good friend Phil Maloney to create a trailer video for the album, which you can view below. And you can get a sneak peak of some tracks by using the music player in the sidebar.

To celebrate the release, I’m doing a full concert in St. John’s with several very special musical guests. So stay tuned as I’ll be announcing all of those details very soon. In the meantime, a busy Spring continues. I head to Ottawa on Wednesday for a really exciting solo show at the National Arts Centre, which is hosted by the Ottawa Storytelling Festival. The NAC is renowned for great performances as well as awesome audiences, so I’m honoured to play there. Then I head across the pond to the UK to join The Dardanelles for a two week tour of Scotland, which concludes with the Shetland Folk Festival. What a time that’ll be. And when I get back, it’s almost release time. Tell a friend!

Have a poke around my shiny new website. Hope you like it! I’ll be adding new stuff regularly, so don’t be a stranger. And as always, if you’re at a show, come say hi! And if you’re on “the twitter”, hit me up.